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For years our firm has been a leader in the
emancipation of minor drivers for motorsports.

Perfecting the Process

A Cost-Effective Process

For years our firm has been a leader in the emancipation of minor drivers for motorsports. While minors are often permitted to participate in motorsport events by means of the parent or legal guardian’s execution of a form commonly referred to as a ‘Minor’s Release”, some sanctioning organizations and racetracks will not accept these due to local laws or internal policies. These tracks and organizations  will require that the minor either be emancipated or wait until they attain the age of majority before competing. USAC and Watkins Glen International Raceway are two examples that require minors to be emancipated or of age before being permitted to compete. Fortunately, Indiana has enacted legislation that permits minors to be emancipated for the purpose of participating in professional motorsports. Over the years we have emancipated minors from all over the globe so that they can participate in important motorsport events while being under the age of majority.

Over the years we have honed the process to make it as cost-effective and painless as possible. Depending upon the circumstances an “in-court” appearance may not be necessary as courts are becoming more accepting of digital communication technology. Our office not only attends to preparation of the necessary pleadings and exhibits required to obtain a motorsport emancipation, but also coordinates this with the sanctioning organization and/or tracks as necessary leaving the driver and his crew only to worry about what it is going to take to stand on the top of the podium at the end of the event.

One word of caution – unlike other things in motorsports this process can often take time and is not something to undertake at the last moment. We strongly suggest planning ahead and taking care of this once a decision has been made that the minor driver will be competing in a series or at a racetrack that requires them to be emancipated

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